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The Spirit of Audio

2017/10/08 - Introducing the first product in our new Audimation line and our most ambitious project yet: AUDION, a Windows application for creating your own audio plugins. THIS IS CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRESS! We've divided our road map into three general phases:

Phase 1: being able to patch together preexisting modules into a working interface-less audio plugin.
Phase 2: creating a graphic interface for this plugin
Phase 3: going beyond just patching, and program new modules in a language we are calling "Fast".

We are currently in phase one; The road ahead will be a long one, steep and twisting, Join us on our journey and we will keep you updated as we make progress.
You can read more about Audion here

2017/08/26 - We renovated and expanded our website, adding new pages and a navigation bar at the top of each page. In the weeks to come we will be expanding further with new products and a discussion board for user feedback.