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Recent News

2019/06/24 - we have released PatchWorker 1.3.2 - now you can group your input / modifier / output units together in the patch palette, and fold up unit groups accordion-style by clicking on that group's header entry.

2019/06/09 - We have released PowerChord, a chord memorizer plugin for PatchWorker, that lets you play back whole chords from a single input note. This is the first of a series of plugins called the Commander Suite. More plugins are forthcoming.

2019/06/02 - we have released PatchWorker 1.3.0 with a redesigned interface, featuring a new control panel and a palette for selecting the available MIDI units.

2019/05/25 - we have released Audimat 1.3.2 with an improved (and more colorful) control panel.

2019/05/20 - we have released Audimat 1.3.0. You can now save the list of plugins that you've loaded into the rack (a "rig") to a file, so that you can easily reload them back in again. AND, you can also store all the plugins' programs for that rig into a patch so you can quickly switch between programs without having to set them for each plugin one by one every time.