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SuperConductor PatchWorker Maestro Audimat SignalsX-1 Megaphone

The Sonic Six

The Chromatic Suite provides the full spectrum of software you need for making a home recording


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Put MIDI control at your fingertips

Electronic music has brought the promise of two things: sounds that are impossible to make with acoustic instruments, and the ability to control those sounds in ways that go beyond traditional means. For the first promise, we now have a cymbal sound that gets louder after it is struck or a trumpet sound that can be sustained forever. For the promise of increased control, once a musician's action (a key press, a drum hit, etc.) has been converted to MIDI data, it can manipulated in ways limited only by the musician's imagination.

The Commander Suite is a series of PatchWorker plugins that offer you additional control over MIDI messages.


Bring your sounds to life!

With Audion you can create your own instrument and effect plugins